Our Park Towers’ home is as close to perfection as one can get. Your work and the outcome — these many years later — far exceeded expectations.

Michael and Sonja Saltman

Merlin was the perfect home builder to transition our vision into reality…professional, skillful, flexible and honest.

Barry Shier

All our experiences with Merlin have been outstanding. Before, during and even after extensive construction and enhancement work, Mr. Jones and his craftsmen have performed and completed all work with excellence and skill. Subsequent work required was not questioned, and completed without extra cost or dispute. Honorable people make a difference and they have earned our trust.

Betty and Irwin Helford

Building our home was an absolute pleasure with Merlin Contracting. We are still thrilled and delighted 12 years later with the quality of work and the care and thought that went into the construction of our home thanks to Steve and Bart Jones and the Merlin Contracting team. We are about to start on a remodeling project and will, of course, be using Merlin Contracting. We wouldn't consider using anyone else!

Robin and Danny Greenspun

It has been a thrill for us to work with you guys. Our dream home has exceeded our expectations.

Howard and Suzie Lederer

It is rare to find a building in the world, and especially in Las Vegas that will stand as an example of beauty, quality, imagination and innovation through the test of time. I know you have built such a building in my home.

Roger P. Thomas – Eagle Hills in Summerlin
Executive Vice President Design
Wynn Design & Development

I intended that my home be built with the highest quality material installed by experienced craftsman who would create a home exceeding my expectations in beauty, form and function. Merlin Contracting did just that!

Tom Barrow

Fran and I want to thank you and your organization for another fine job. Oftentimes, your work helps to beautify someone’s world. Sometimes, your work actually changes people’s lives for the better, as in this case. It is the way that Merlin puts it all together that sets them apart!

Michael & Fran Coleman

I would like to give my highest recommendation on behalf of Steve Jones and the entire Merlin Contracting Team. Merlin Contracting has successfully completed several homes in Park Towers over the last 10 years and their staff has always been professional, courteous and adhered to our rules. It is a pleasure to work with them and I have never received any complaints from Homeowners regarding their workmanship.

Ken Hicks
General Manger
Park Towers at Hughes Center

I have subcontracted to Merlin Construction for over fifteen years and find their professional approach to every aspect of their projects is a pleasure to deal with. Their reputation is above reproach and I would absolutely hire them for any type or size construction project I was building.

Dave Peterson Framing

Speaking of appreciating things, I would like to thank you and Steve for the way this was handled. I wish it could have been done faster, but that’s over now. It’s done, and your company handled it like…well, like it should have been handled, but usually is not, if you know what I mean. Lloyd of course is practically family by now, but the surprise was Larry. Man, this guy was good…no, great. He noticed little details, and took care of everything! He even helped clean up, and vacuumed the floor! He was a great representative for your company. He tried to give Steve all the credit for the final design, but I’ve got a feeling it was a collaborative affair. It really looks good, and I’d be pleased to show you the finished …well, the almost finished product. (You’ve met Claudia, right?)

Ken Wolt

I have been a subcontractor in the Las Vegas Area for 20 years. There are few General Contractor’s that have made it through tough times, and the ones that have made have done it for a reason. Merlin is a top-notch professional outfit that requires subs to be responsive, on time, quality & service driven. Because of these traits we have been successful in the projects we have worked on for them. From the bidding process to final walk-through, it is always a pleasure to be on their jobsites and with their staff. Always professional & courteous. I cannot remember a “stressful” experience working with them. We at Silver State Specialties, LLC look forward to many more years of building luxurious homes in the Las Vegas area with Merlin Contracting as the General Contractor. Personally, I would not hesitate to have Merlin Contracting build MY dream home! Hopefully one day down the road I can make that happen!

Silver State Specialties

SIlver State Fireplaces, Inc is proud to have worked with Merlin Contracting on the construction of many very unique projects in the Las Vegas area. Merlin is on the cutting edge with new home designs and construction philosophies and we are proud to be their contractor of choice when it comes to designing and installing truly unique Fireplaces for their homes. They are a top shelf contractor that expects the best from their suppliers and subcontractors yet treat them with the respect that the best in the industry deserve from each other. Our relationship has spanned many years and we truly enjoy the partnership that we have.

Silver State Fireplaces, Inc.

Mueller Turner Company has been fortunate enough to have worked for Merlin Contracting for many years as one of their custom cabinetry subcontractors. Steve and Bart Jones always represent their intent with integrity and professionalism as do their employees. They demand top notch service and quality from us and they will settle for nothing less. We can depend on them to provide us with good communication flow of accurate information throughout the course of each project from the earliest stage of bidding and construction to completion of our installations. We work with esteemed general contractors from coast to coast and internationally, Merlin Contracting is worthy by comparison.

Mueller Turner Company

Merlin Contracting, our customer for more than 17 years, is a pleasure to work for because they understand that the final quality of a building project begins while the project is still on paper. They work out design and installation requirements, methods, schedules and coordination between subcontractors during the planning stages of the project and employ superintendants that pay attention to details and understand the construction process from beginning to end. The office staff keeps the administrative portion of the projects running smooth. Our company specializes in Custom homes and small commercial and has been licensed in Nevada since 1979. We appreciate the effort that Merlin puts into making sure that their projects run efficiently. This effort makes our job easier and the overall effect is superior quality and value for the project owner. Based on the high quality standards placed on their subcontractors and building experience and practices, I highly recommend Merlin Contracting.

Nunzio’s Ceramic Tile, Inc.

Prestige Roofing, Inc., has worked with many contractors on all types of custom homes in the Las Vegas area. We have worked with Merlin Contracting on several of the highest profile custom home projects in the area. Merlin Contracting is one of the absolute top General Contractors to work with. With their professional office staff and field personnel, they always deliver the best product. They demand performance from all of their subcontractors, which makes every job run as smoothly as possible. We feel very honored to be a part of this elite team.

Prestige Roofing, Inc.